Abrosoft FantaMorph Deluxe for Windows

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  • New Price: $79.96

Main Features: 

Version Deluxe has all features of Abrosoft FantaMorph Pro plus:

  • It has multiple morphs running in different layers simultaneously in one project
  • It can use nonlinear morph tracks instead of linear ones
  • Using this software, you can pan/zoom/rotate each morphing frame under a customized track, just like seeing the morph from a moving camera
  • Decorate a sequence with background, mask, foreground, transition, light, trail, radial
  • It enables users can add filters/captions for the whole morph movie
  • It using intelligent memory management makes it possible to load unlimited or huge source images in one project
  • Import/export FantaMorph Point Data where each row is x-y coordinates data of a key dot
  • It can export an intermediate morphing frame to FantaMorph Editing Frame or FantaMorph Point Data
  • It can export 32-bit AVI files, you can then import them into other video editing software as overlay video clips
  • It can export a transparent morph to a transparent animated gif file
  • Software help you automatically extract the face portion from all the source images in a project
  • This software can automatically detect the facial features and place key dots on corresponding positions
  • It helps mix the feature/shape of multiple real faces to compose a virtual face
  • Collect and store source images along with key dots in a classified library
  • It can transport morphing animation to QuickTime movies.
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