ADO.Net DAC for Delphi OLEDB License

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Use this CrystalNet Technologie Deal and order to spend only $114.95 for CrystalNet Technologie ADO.Net DAC for Delphi OLEDB License. Just come to save more!

  • Regular Price: $114.95

Main Features:

  • You can access the full power of any OLEDB data source using ADO.Net technology in Delphi when using this tool.
  • You can direct access to server data via OLE DB providers in one click.
  • It has strong transmission is via XML format, therefore can pass through firewalls
  • Make sure high overall performance in batch processing.
  • It supports prefetching rows – specifies the number of rows that are to be fetched per server round trip.
  • CachedUpdates operation mode which is controlled UpdateOptions.
  • It can automatic data updating with TOleDbQuery, TOleDbTable, and TOleDbStoredProc components
  • It can data retrieval with the TOleDbDataReader component or using the Server CursorKind property of the TCustomDbDataSet
  • Automatic record locking and query preparing
  • Data export and import to/from XML.
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