Audiority Echoes T7E mkII

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  • Old Price: $65
  • New Price: $55.24

Main Features:

  • Analog-modeled vintage tube echo
  • 3 playback modes classic varis peed and sync
  • 4 playback heads (equally spaced)
  • Em81 “magic eye” tube level indicator
  • 3 echo modes echo repeat and swell
  • 12 heads combinations
  • Tone error and volume controls for each head
  • Independent panning for each head
  • Stereo spread
  • Heads pan law
  • Magnetic drum age and speed settings
  • Internal hum noise (for increased realism and self-oscillation)
  • Input tube low cut
  • PE 603 style head switching matrix (new v2.0)
  • Delay extension (up to 11s with speed at minimum) (new v2.0)
  • Preamp mode (with delay extension set to 0) (new v2.0)
  • Output booster (new v2.0)
  • Speed filter (new v2.0)
  • Lite mode (new v2.0).
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