Autodesk ReCap Pro

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  • Old Price: $540
  • New Price: $340

Main Features:

  • Publish ReCap Pro projects to Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs, and BIM 360 Docs.
  • Create textured 3D meshes from point clouds, enabling faster physical to digital workflows.
  • View, annotate and share published ReCap Pro projects in Autodesk Drive, Autodesk Docs, and BIM 360 Docs.
  • Compare the scan view (RealView) and overhead map view side-by-side.
  • Use the compass widget to set the XY axis for the user coordinate system in the overhead view.
  • Use high-precision GPS technology to avoid costly prep work in setting ground control points and get survey-grade accuracy from photo reconstruction.
  • Generate high-resolution orthoimages for large and small sites Web.
  • Experience faster import of scans up to 20% by leveraging multicore processors.
  • Change the User Coordinate System (UCS) origin and orientation and manually enter accurate values for coordinates.
  • Cloud-based photo-to-3D service
  • Laser scan reality capture features in ReCap Pro.
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