EMS SQL Query for PostgreSQL

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Main Features:

  • Full support of PostgreSQL server up to version 12
  • Support of UTF8 data
  • Connect through SSH tunnel: establish a connection to an intermediate SSH server and forward all PostgreSQL commands through the secure tunnel
  • Connect through HTTP tunnel in case of Internet access through HTTP proxy only, or if the server does not allow direct connections to PostgreSQL
  • Using drag-and-drop operations when selecting tables and fields for a query visually
  • Working simultaneously with several queries in separate windows
  • Registering databases for working with the required databases only
  • Multiple database connections
  • Navigation within recently used queries and selecting the required queries
  • Syntax highlight, “quick code” and keyboard templates for faster editing query text
  • Tools for data grouping and filtering
  • The ability to create queries with unions and subqueries visually
  • The ability to create diagrams based on queries
  • Capabilities for viewing query plans
  • Powerful BLOB viewer/editor with several types of viewing BLOB data
  • Flexible personalization of graphical user interface
  • Multi-language GUI support.
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