Look RS232 – Business license

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  • Regular Price: $199

Main Features:

  • In and out data streams logging
  • Tracing, breakpoints, step by step debugging
  • Communication ports staus displaying
  • Using macros to automate frequently used operations
  • Full history of sending and receiving commands and data
  • Timestamp information for incoming and outgoing data and events
  • Look RS is designed to give easy access to the PC serial ports.
  • It has a useful graphic user interface, no programming is required.
  • Transfers data from file
  • Support of any formats of data (ASCII, BIN, HEX, OCT) and different lengths of words
  • Filters, different display modes
  • Full duplex
  • Supported baud rates range: 110..115200 kbit/s
  • Can work with COM ports of the following types: Standard on-board ports; Extension board ports; COM ports connected to the computer through USB port with COM port emulator.
  • Can save current session including all macros, data sent and received
  • Useful option of data format selection. The data is entered in the Data Send Task window, the switch is activated by pressing Spacebar. You can choose any type out of the list: bin, Oct, Dec, hex, macros, file, port properties. Char type is the default.
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