Gillmeister AutoText Master

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Main Features:

  • Manage text modules or AutoTexts comfortably and clearly
  • Use text building blocks outside of Word
  • Specify custom text shortcuts and keyboard shortcuts for specific applications
  • Prevent the AutoText use in certain programs or allow the usage only in those
  • Use several catalogs in order to simplify the organization of various categories
  • Share catalogs with other people to use formulations prescribed for a specific purpose or the most current formulations
  • Display pick lists and input fields, for example, to enter only the daily date in a text block
  • Conveniently import text modules from text and CSV files – the program supports the import of multi-line CSV values
  • Use completion suggestions when typing and thus use AutoTexts without entering a keyboard or text shortcut
  • AutoText Master offers extensive possibilities for the configuration of a text module
  • Furthermore can be determined, whether the output of a text block should be triggered by a keyboard shortcut or a text shortcut.
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