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Main Features:

  • Never before has it been easier to create huge amounts of unique and readable content so fast.
  • Defining a niche-related keyword is basically all you have to do to scrape content. The majority of the other options are not required.
  • Keyword Suggestion Tool: Enter one seed keyword and quickly generate more keywords that are related to your topic from many different sources.
  • Choose among many different sources to scrape your content from. It comes with scrapers for articles, images, videos, authority URLs, and add-ons like Twitter tweets.
  • Define your source by choosing either a local file, database, single website, or search engine.
  • You have it all in your hands to create content the way you want it.
  • Image/Video Scraper Included.
  • The included image viewer makes it easy to sort out the unwanted content.
  • Fine-tune your created articles or completely write your own with the help of articles that have been previously scraped.
  • Once the content is scraped and articles are created, you can of course preview the articles with content (images, videos, spoilers, tweets, …) around it.
  • Manage your Articles.
  • The built-in tool allows you to directly submit your articles to websites with a click of a button.
  • Export your Articles in any possible Format.
  • Create Content in any Language.
  • The software can easily find new proxies using the thousands of available proxy sources.
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