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  • Old Price: $97
  • New Price: $90.21

Main Features:

  • Free proxies for your daily work.
  • Easily find fresh proxies by using thousands of included proxy sources.
  • The program acts as its own proxy server and allows you to add the IP/Port to other programs.
  • Automatic Proxy scraping and testing.
  • You can export your proxies to any format and location. From the web- to FTP upload or simply file storage.
  • Remove proxies from defined regions or suspicious IP ranges. Only get Google-passed proxies or fully anonymous proxies.
  • This is not only a proxy scraper, but also includes many useful tools such as the Metric Scanner where you can easily check a URL’s SEO metrics.
  • Emulate the discontinued Google-PageRank with our easy to set up tool and let all your SEO tools work again.
  • A built-in tool lets you parse any search engine on the web. It even lets you add your own search engines.
  • That HTTP-Toolkit lets you send custom data to servers of your choice.
  • The best and most stable proxies are those only known by you and not listed publicly on the internet. Now, you can easily find them using the built-in scanner.


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