Kernel Video Sharing KVS Basic

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  • Old Price: $99
  • New Price: $91.08

Main Features:

  • By using KVS, your work with the content in the administration panel will be very convenient, and you’ll be able to easily solve any routine tasks. In addition to video content, KVS also supports photo and text content, and it can be used both separately and as a supplement to the video.
  • KVS supports external conversion servers to process content at third-party hardware when the load on the main server increases, and significantly speed up processing speed by using multiple external servers.
  • KVS has a solution by using an additional low-cost server for low-profile countries and saving on payment for CDN.
  • Advertising Module. KVS will maximize your site’s revenue.
  • One of the world’s best HTML5 players is integrated with other KVS features.
  • With grabbers in KVS, you can forget about the need to fill the website in principle: you can grab the content from other popular tubes using grabbers, both in download mode and in embed code mode.
  • KVS has all the necessary features for qualitative categorization and for any data filtering by any criteria, including even the most complex combinations.
  • KVS will help you organizing a full-fledged website with paid access and various possible implementation scenarios: purchase of time-limited access, paid access to individual content (VOD), combining paid and free access on one website, and others.
  • KVS is truly an amazing script combining many different concepts and approaches. Tokenomics is one of such features of KVS. This is full-fledged economics within the script with the use of tokens that can be bought, earned, spent, and paid.
  • Website Engine and Performance. KVS brought thousands of unique and beautiful tubes to the world.
  • Building Website networks.
  • KVS is a paradise for a professional SEO specialist.
  • Highly customizable frontend engine with little risk to fail.
  • KVS is an exceptionally reliable and fault-tolerant script.
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