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  • Old Price: $9.95
  • New Price: $5.47

Main Features:

  • Supports all modern specifications like 802.11a/b/g/n/ac.
  • Uses macOS’ internal location services to identify the approximate location of access points
  • Automatically join the best network
  • Graph network signal and noise over time
  • Easily identify networks by setting them as a favorite
  • Look for congested channels at a glance
  • Save and load network scan histories on the fly
  • Assign label colors and notes to networks.
  • Speak network names
  • Play audio effects or show notifications for found networks
  • Save network passwords in the system keychain for auto-filling later on.
  • Easily filter scan results by numerous criteria
  • Compatible with Enterprise-level WPA networks
  • Displays the vendor of each WiFi router
  • From Beacon Intervals to Channel Widths
  • Choose which WiFi card to scan and join with.
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