BistroStays Professional

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Main Features:

  • Admin can easily manage its site features and settings.
  • Admin panel of Bistrostays consists of various graphs and statistics for admin to monitor the site..
  • The basic settings for the website like logo, banner images, payment settings, emails and many others can be done using this feature
  • Can contact the admin by filling up the form.
  • Can send the feedback and testimonials about the site to the admin by filling up the form.
  • Can edit the content of various emails that are sent to users for different notification.
  • Provided with a rich text editor with well formatting options so the content can be modified and added well.
  • Manage the content of the static pages of the website where he can add or edit the content of the page.
  • Manage the users, both hosts and guests, who have signed up on the system.
  • Add different sub-admins to the system and can give privileges to them so that they can carry out designated admin tasks.
  • Can add, edit or delete the Collections as well as add listings to these collections as requested by the host.
  • Can edit or delete the listings as added by the hosts to ensure the guests have good experience during their stay.
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