PostgreSQL Data Access Components

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Main Features:

  • Allows your application to work with PostgreSQL directly without involving PostgreSQL connectivity solutions, thus significantly facilitating deployment and configuration of your applications.
  • Development for iOS and Android mobile devices using PgDAC becomes still easier, as PgDAC allows your mobile applications to work with the PostgreSQL database as simply as desktop applications do.
  • Our product supports PostgreSQL server versions from 8.0 to 13, Microsoft Azure Database for PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL, Amazon Aurora, and Google Cloud for PostgreSQL.
  • Our product is compatible with the latest IDE versions and editions including Community Edition: Embarcadero RAD Studio 11 Alexandria, Delphi 11 Alexandria…
  • If you want to make custom correspondence between PostgreSQL and Delphi data types, you can use a simple and flexible Data Type Mapping engine provided by PgDAC.
  • All major GUI frameworks supported: develop VCL applications for Windows or cross-platform FMX applications in Delphi, as well as LCL applications for Windows, macOS, or Linux in Lazarus.
  • All our components and libraries are designed to help you write high-performance, lightweight data access layers, therefore they use advanced data access algorithms and techniques of optimization.
  • Use our freeware dbMonitor tool to monitor and analyze all the DB calls made by your application using PostgreSQL data access components. dbMonitor performs per­component tracing of SQL statement execution, commits, rollbacks, etc.
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