Redmine Agile plugin

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  • Old Price: $499
  • New Price: $424.15

Main Features:

  • Your Agile whiteboard in Redmine. Track issues, prioritize them, and appoint assignees smarter and faster. Move pieces of work with drag & drop. Comment, interact with checklists, and add issues straight from the board.
  • Quickly visualize and monitor the current status and progress of your projects. Use it to respond to any unforeseen circumstances in your development process.
  • With our Agile plugin, you can duplicate any phase of your projects or processes using columns and subcolumns.
  • Sprint planner allows you to see which issues belong to a particular sprint and reassign them effortlessly among sprints and backlogs with our split view.
  • Now you can assign and measure the effort required to implement each story by adding Story Points.
  • Work in Progress limits: You can set the maximum number of tasks allowed in each phase, represented by a column of aboard.
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