TotalBoundary (Pro) for AutoCAD – Personal

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Main Features:

  • The program’s powerful engine allows it to build enclosed polylines rapidly along the perimeter of selected drawing fragments.
  • The original drawing needs no advance preparation
  • Identifies and removes gaps in places where primitives meet.
  • The program replaces splines and ellipses used in defining an outline with true polylines created by means of piecewise linear approximation.
  • The user can also easily set the thickness and color of the polylines the program generates if required.
  • The program offers an automatic filling (solid hatching) option for the outlines it generates.
  • One registered copy may be used by a single person who uses the TotalBoundary (Pro) personally on one computer.
  • Free support.
  • The license key can not be transferred to another computer.

Supported versions:

  • AutoCAD 2012 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2013 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2014 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2015 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2016 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2017 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2018 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2019 (x86)(x64)
  • AutoCAD 2020 (x64)
  • AutoCAD 2021 (x64)
  • AutoCAD 2022 (x64).
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