ADO.Net DAC for Delphi SQLite License

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Would you like to save more? The offer of CrystalNet Technologie ADO.Net DAC for Delphi SQLite License can help you save money and save time. Order now to enjoy the discount.

  • Regular Price: $114.95

Main Features:

  • SQLite DAC edition
  • With the amazing tool, you can directly access the SQLite database. Does not require the installation of other data provider layers
  • It supports the latest versions of SQLite
  • It can transmission is via XML format, therefore can pass through firewalls
  • Ensures high overall performance
  • High performance in batch processing. This is controlled by UpdateOptions.
  • It can assist prefetching rows – specifies the number of rows that are to be fetched per server round trip.
  • CachedUpdates operation mode which is controlled UpdateOptions.
  • It can auto data updating with TSQLiteQuery and TSQLiteTable components
  • Fast data retrieval with TSQLiteDataReader component or using Server CursorKind property of the TCustomClrDataSet
  • It can Automatic record locking and query preparing
  • Support data export and import to/from XML.
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