Puzzle Maker Pro – Word Search Standard

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  • Old Price: $47
  • New Price: $37.60

Main Features:

  • When using this tool, you can create different types of rectangular or square Word Search puzzles
  • This tool lets you use your own word lists
  • You can customization options font types, colors, set specific puzzle options, such as diagonal and backward placement of words
  • It can use a blacklist or use the hidden word feature, select your own ‘fill’ letters to fill up the unused squares
  • It assists output to JPG, PNG, PDF, PPT
  • This tool provides different solution styles with customization options
  • It can limit the number of words to be used and limit the number of diagonals or shared letters
  • Lots of styling options to completely customize the look and feel of the puzzle, including the way the solutions are shown.
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