Smart2DCutting 100 parts

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  • Regular Price: $80

Main Features: 

  • It can maximize productivity by reducing panel waste, costs and saving the time to create and analyze
  • Measurements in Metric (mm, cm, dm, m) and US Customary / British Imperial (in, ft, din) units
  • Easy input of panels and parts data manually or by importing from CSV files or from the clipboard.
  • With the tool, highly optimized cutting layouts are computed very fast.
  • It can calculate the optimal panel size for a given parts list
  • This tool can support multiuser
  • You can preview or print all cutting layouts and reports when using this software
  • The cutting layout can be saved for later reuse or you can export to a DXF, TXT, or XML file for further processing using a CNC software
  • Adjustable cutting blade thickness per material type
  • You can grain direction control for individual parts or margin width control for panels and parts
  • Optimization level and adjustable optimization
  • The detailed report, showing a list of used panels and a cost calculation report.
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